Eurovision Bingo

In Sweden this Saturday there is a musical event taking place that many of our readers have grown up with, the Eurovision Song Contest. At the Malmo Arena Petra Mede will host the final and some of us will be watching closely to see if Bonnie Tyler can finish in a more respectable place than Engelbert Humperdink did last year (placed 25th) with her song Believe In Me.

Favourite with the bookmakers at the moment is the song Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest, Denmark’s entry. We thought that we’d create a little Eurovision Bingo game for our readers, a little light relief whilst listening to Graham Norton commentate.

The game is easy to play, just watch the program on Saturday 18th May at 8pm on BBC and mark off on the board below any of the events that happen during the show.

Tonight on BBC1 at 8pm the Semi Final Two is showing where another 17 countries perform and just 10 go through to the final. Tonight the following countries are singing for their place in the final: Latvia, San Marino, FYR Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Bulgaria, Iceland, Greece, Israel, Armenia, Hungary, Norway, Albania, Georgia, Switzerland and Romania.

The UK, Germany, France and Spain automatically qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest because they are the four biggest financial contributors to the European Broadcasting Union. Sweden has automatically qualified as they won last year and are the host nation.

Here’s your Eurovision Bingo card – traditionally this type of bingo game is played on a 75 ball board but we’ve shaken things up a little and made it 90 ball:

  Costumes changed through song Rap performed   Wind machine used   Out of tune singer   Singer seen wrapped in flag
Host mentions previous songs   Singer plays an instrument National Costume seen   Bucks Fizz mentioned   Pyrotechnics used during performance  
Biased voting from some countries Steps up to the stage     Excessive use of fake tan The term ‘nil points’ is used     Sequins on a costume

Sadly there are no prizes for playing our Eurovision Bingo, maybe next year!

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