Dotty Bingo Back On TV

Dotty Bingo opened to players in the summer of 2011 and shortly after launch we saw the brand advertising their wares on television. It’s not a name that is well-known by the avid player online but could we be set to see this change with new advertising for the brand. There are four new commercials that are now live on YouTube (we have yet to see them on TV) and one of them has sexual connotations reportedly meaning the advert cannot be shown before the watershed.

The advert features a ‘cuddly’ lady laying on her bed in satin pyjamas, she looks cosy rather than provocative whilst she talks about things have been rather ‘disappointing in the bedroom’ with her husband Brain. A friend at Dotty Bingo had a suggestion for her….

Get a rabbit! At this point it was pretty much a foregone conclusion as to what was to be revealed from behind the bedroom door. Our first thought was a rabbit of the furry variety but in fact it was Brian in a bunny costume.

Many viewers will know exactly where the innuendo comes in from the Dotty Bingo commercial but would a child really understand the hidden meaning? We don’t think the commercial is overly sexual, the lady isn’t sporting stockings and suspenders nor is there even a hint of a ‘Sid James’ dirty laugh.

Take a look at the ‘offending’ advert below and see if you think it is suitable to air before the watershed, we certainly think so.

Dotty Bingo is one of many brands online today powered by the Microgaming software.

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