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In May of 2011 the vanity url on Facebook for Biscuit Bingo was created, in September the same year a number of brands started to wax lyrical about a new bingo site set to launch with the same name but still we have yet to see the product. However, we believe that Biscuit Bingo will soon be ready to nibble on as the site has finalised the brand logo!

The domain for Biscuit Bingo currently boasts just a small wordpress site that talks about what will be available to players when the site finally opens. Originally this was reported to be in November 2011!

It talks of a ‘brand new software ‘ where we had heard that it was set to launch on Play ‘n’ Go, there is mention of a no deposit required welcome bonus and a 300% cash match deal on first deposit but other than that, it doesn’t really whet the bingo appetite enough for us to keep checking back on a launch date.

The only reason that name Biscuit Bingo even caught our beady eye today was that a friend had ‘liked’ the Facebook fan page for the brand, enough to pique our interest! That said, are we going to see another networked brand or will the brand deliver on its promise of ‘brand new software’?

The site is owned by Play Marketing, the company who is behind a number of online bingo portals like ours. This will at least mean that Biscuit Bingo has some marketing even if it does end up launching on one of the worst platforms like Cozy Games, Aberrant or Play ‘n’ Go!

2 thoughts on “Take A Bite Of Biscuit Bingo

  1. Seems likes a pointless article, where you nit pick about a new bingo site that hasn’t even launched yet. How about writing about sites that are already up and running. And what’s wrong with Cozy Games site? I have enjoyed playing at House of Bingo, Bobs Bingo and Bingo Bytes in the past.

  2. Hi Debbie

    Pointless in what way exactly? New bingo sites are big news for players and Biscuit Bingo will be a new brand, whatever the platform of choice. How have I nit-picked? There is hardly any information available about the brand so a lot of what has been written is supposition.

    You’re happy with the £50 minimum withdrawal at the brands you mention? That even if you do win enough to be able to cashout that you can only withdraw once in any given seven day period?

    Sites like those you have listed are not player friendly when it comes to being in a position to actually withdraw any cash.

    Whilst I appreciate your opinion, mine differs quite substantially and as a player, Cozy Games brands are not ones that I frequent. I prefer sites where I know I have a chance of actually withdrawing.



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