Lucky Start To The Year For Opera Bingo Players

I recently reported on two big wins within weeks of each other at two of Opera Bingo’s three Cumbria clubs. When this happened before, it was followed by another win at their third club, well, they do say good things come in threes.

But this time, their Carlisle club didn’t follow suit, in fact there has been another big win at their Whitehaven club, this time £28,000. We don’t know how their attendances are doing, but we’re guessing that news of wins like this is certainly going to help fill the clubs up.

It does make you wonder about chance, and what luck really is. A strange concept to get your head around is the fact that the lottery is just as likely to come out at 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 as it is any other combination. The reason for this is that the balls are randomly picked, so unless there is some physical aspect, for example differing weight on balls, each ball has as much chance as another of being picked.

The lottery have their own statistics for most common numbers, and ‘overdue’ numbers, but to play by choosing those numbers will not in theory put you in any stronger chance of winning, because the balls don’t know if they are common, or overdue, they are simply random. In fact, in theory it could come up as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 every week, although that is obviously very unlikely.

Some people don’t believe in luck, they will tell that you “make your own luck”, which in some areas of life may be true, although there’s three lucky players at Opera Bingo’s clubs that would probably disagree. Original news story.

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