My Charity Bingo And Aberrant/Functional Games Wagering

Following on from a recent news article covering the launch of an Aberrant/Functional Games product called My Charity Bingo there followed a debate on the original piece (read more here). The owner and a ‘player’ took exception to the piece citing it as ‘factually’ incorrect. Of course we work hard to ensure that all the content here on Playing Bingo so I investigated further.

The facts that were incorrect focused on the wagering requirements of the brand and were reported by us as being 20x deposit + bonus. Wendy, the site owner suggested that these were actually wrong and the My Charity Bingo piece should have read that ‘winnings from BONUS cash need a wagering factor of 20’.

Later a Thomas Hedenstam commented as a player and stated that ‘There are no wagering requirements which can be seen on any site.’  This had to be investigated in order that we provide our readers with the right information so an email was sent to the President of Functional Games, Bruno Ruberto:

Wendy of My Charity Bingo has given me your name as a point of contact with regards to the wagering requirements and Terms and Conditions of the product.

Can you please clarify these?

For example:

Player A takes the £10 bonus but also immediately makes a first deposit of £10 earning the 100% cash match bonus. Player A then has £20 in bonus funds and £10 cash. The £10 cash is played with no luck, the bonus funds then come into play but it isn’t until her last £1 that she wins a £30 jackpot. Is she then able to withdraw?

To my mind, and clearly stated by Wendy in her comment on our pages, winnings from BONUS cash need a wagering factor of 20. This would suggest that Player A would then need to wager £600 before she could withdraw?

I would like full clarification on your wagering requirements for the product please.

The response to this was:

In the scenario you describe for Player A £30 can be withdrawn. The reason for this is that Player A has made a deposit. Any prize can be withdrawn after a deposit has been made. 

There are no wagering requirements further down the road for any bonus given if a deposit has been made. 

There is minimum 20% bonus given on every deposit e.g. £10 in deposits gives £2 bingo bucks and any prize from the £ are able for withdrawal without any wagering requirements. 

I followed up with reference to Wendy’s comment that mentions only bonus cash has wagering of 20. Mr Ruberto responded that Wendy must have referred to an old template of the brands and that ‘no site has wagering requirements. full stop.’

Of course, the usual way in which we could check that this is infact the case would be to make a deposit. This I tried to do. I used two different MasterCard’s to try and deposit, and tried five times (ignore one because I entered the wrong CCV). I then tried with my debit card because it could have been that the transactions were flagging as fraudulent by my financial institution. At this point I have to admit to being more than a little dubious about actually using my debit card at this site. It was then the transaction was successful!

All I had to do then was get lucky playing. I played a few games using all my cash and bonus; these are details from just two of them.

£1.00 game – 39 players – £108.00 spent on cards

£6.48 one line
£8.64 two lines
£9.72 three lines
£10.80 four lines
£12.96 five lines (split as £6.48 per player)

£1.00 game – 43 players – £120.00 spent on cards

£7.20 one line
£9.60 two lines (split as £4.80 per player)
£10.80 three lines
£12.00 four lines
£14.40 five lines (split as £6.48 per player)

Jackpots increased from £372.36 to £373.21 for 101-5 (call between 1 and 52 numbers)
£120.44 to £123.84 from second to third game (call between 53 to 60)

I wasn’t lucky and I’m not willing to deposit any more money to check the validity of what the brand says about their wagering. However once again I found it quite shocking to see how much the site takes from the pot with only a small proportion being added to the progressive jackpots in the room.

In game one £108 was spent on the game, the prize money totalled just £48.42! Over 50% scrapped by the site. In game two £120 was spent on tickets yet the prize money was just £54!

This is how the site shows the prize money and number of players during a game:

Game Details from My Charity Bingo Screen
Game Details from My Charity Bingo Screen

Ultimately I cannot prove or disprove what the site claims with reference to no wagering requirements. However, a friend of mine has now benefited from a donation of £7.50 following my deposit of £10. Something I will be checking with my friend.

Sadly, wagering or no wagering, we cannot ignore the issues from My Charity Bingo:

  1. The fact that the site is licensed in a jurisdiction that is not approved by the UK Gambling Commission.
  2. The poor quality gaming experience.
  3. The amount of money scrapped from the prize fund of each game.

Once again I’d like to reiterate that I love the ethos of the site but I cannot ignore the above, all factors that will ensure that I don’t have this brand on my ‘favourites’ list.

Incidentally, I did try to use their Customer Support telephone number but it continually rang before the call simply cutting off, another nail in the proverbial coffin for My Charity Bingo and other Aberrant/Functional Game brands.

In summary, I am going to take the word of the President of Functional Games with regards to the wagering and how it works and correct the information on our pages accordingly until I or another player prove that it is other wise – innocent until proven guilty.

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