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A couple of years ago now Foxy Bingo ran an offline marketing campaign for their brand which saw the Dream Boys appear in venues up and down the country with the company branding. We were lucky enough to attend one session and whilst the bingo wasn’t that great, watching the guys remove their clothing was a different experience to say the least. However, whilst this was a unique concept for marketing an online bingo brand we are unsure of the ROI that the site had from the money spent!

It would appear that imitation is the greatest form of flattery because Boyle Bingo recently announced their sponsorship of the Dream Idols, a different male stripper group. Currently the guys are making appearances up and down the country with the next show tonight in Lava & Ignite, Preston.

On the Boyle Bingo blog it says “The combination of a male performance troop and the Bingo site with the “biggest balls” is bound to be a great mix.” Foxy Bingo already proved that it was a great mix back in 2009 with their Ladies Day promotion (details of the Foxy Ladies Day can be seen here), will Boyle Bingo do it bigger and better?

Unfortunately we are not in a position to find out, Boyle Bingo haven’t extended an invitation in the same way Foxy Bingo did back in 2009. Are male strippers really the way to appeal to the online bingo demographic? Will the Dream Idols really bring a flood of players through the Boyle Bingo virtual doors of the site or is it simply going to be a great night out for all those in attendance? It would be interesting to hear from Boyle Bingo actual figures for the uptake on the bonuses handed out at these events and how many players then go on to make deposits.

12 thoughts on “Boyle Bingo Follow In Foxy Footsteps

  1. The Dream Idols UK National Tour will reach 30,000 females who will have the opportunity to enjoy a uniquely designed Strip Bingo game never before seen in either the Bingo or stipping arena (apart from underwhelming amateur attempts to pay lip service to a bingo game in the middle of a strip show) where a colour coded bingo card will help the audience to undress the Dream Idols one at a time as they have to remove an item of clothing as each line of their particular colour is called. With an association with the Magic Mike Movie starring Channing Tatum, the Dream Idols are already a much superior marketing proposition for a Bingo brand than the Dream Boys.

    1. As an online bingo player and one that falls into the biggest demographic for the game, both in gender and age group, I don’t think male strippers are the best way to market your product. I haven’t been to see strippers since the Foxy Bingo Ladies night and even then that was work rather than pleasure! Whilst there may be many in attendance at the events, I don’t think it does the brand any justice. All too often men try to think what women want and it’s obvious by campaigns like these that actually, they don’t have a clue :) Of course this is just my personal opinion, for every one of me there may be another 10 bingo players that really think sex sells bingo!

  2. It’s also interesting that as a bookie, who one would generalise as being aimed at blokes, you aren’t trying to target your bingo at blokes more. As we’ve seen time and time again, brands that make themselves non-gender specific have a more equal spread of players of each sex.

    That said, could you imagine the uproar you would cause if you arranged a blokes night along the same lines where female strippers plied their wares?

  3. With a guaranteed win/mystery bonus of up to £1000 for everyone attending the show (unique promo codes on the Bingo tickets)I can tell you it’s proving unbelievably popular with newbies and our existing bingo players alike. We have players who’ve told us they’ve already booked flights from Ireland and hotels near the venues, just to go and see the shows. From the feedback we’ve had from our players, they are all enjoying the promotions around the tour and even the men can see the tongue in cheek irony of it and have joined in the fun in chats and Facebook comments.

  4. As for stats from redeemed bingo bonus codes and new player registrations – watch this space. The tour has only just begun but it already looks fantastically positive.

  5. You could always send me an invitation and then I’ll pop along, take photos and write up my experience of the night. Purely for investigative purposes you understand! Two tickets please – FOC – I’ll take a novice to the world of bingo and see if it entices her to sign with your brand ;)

  6. Happy to! Just give me the two names to leave at the door and your preferred venue (broken link removed 1st April 2016) and it shall be done but somehow I am detecting a clear unbridled Foxy Bingo bias here, so I don’t have high hopes for editorial integrity and autonomy of reporting in the subsequent review.

    1. I have emailed you directly on the email address registered. Firstly, let me assure you there is no “unbridled Foxy Bingo bias” – simply a reference to your promotion being very similar to that of one previous run. It stands to reason that I should mention who had previously offered it. I can assure you that my editorial integrity is of the highest standard. I am not, nor are the other writers, governed by any particular bingo brand regardless of affiliate links or promotional material. All of the content provided here is aimed at the player, providing an honest and objective opinion of the world of online bingo.

  7. Update: Nicola has now been invited to the Leeds Oceana venue on 10th August to see the Boylebingo Dream Idols show. It’s a very hot ticket now, especially after their fantastic performance at the European Movie Premiere of Magic Mike in London last week. They have fast become a media sensation and they are pulling big crowds which is great for Boylebingo!

    1. I am definitely looking forward to it :) Check back after the event for a full low down on my night out with Boyle Bingo :)

  8. Nickie, you are one very sad individual and you come across as extremely sexist, its sad that you go to bingo ti watch men strip and take photos, you are pathetic and you need to get a life. Sad sad sad sad

    1. WOW Darren, two years after the event you find the story!

      Thanks for your comments, I’ll be sure to file them in my bag of bothered for future reference…..

      If this article offends you then maybe you should stop searching for male strippers.

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