Mecca Bingo In Ellesmere Port Raise Money For Marie Curie

One of the things that we love about bingo clubs is the sense of community. People tend to have common bonds that unite them, and one of the ways that we see this in action is through charitable events and donations.

It’s especially heartwarming to see a club exceed its fund raising targets – which is a reflection both on the efforts of the staff, and the support from its members. Mecca Bingo in Ellesmere Port set an annual target of £1,500, but only half way through the year they have already hit the £1,700 mark, greatly exceeding their expectations.

The funds were raised through a combination of of events that included a tea party, bring and buy book sales, and a cabaret. The club manager Gary Shanks was obviously very proud of the efforts of his team, and the generosity of his club members.

Marie Curie Cancer Care’s community fundraiser Charlotte Sewell was also very happy about the support provided to the charity. The funds will contribute towards providing home support to people with terminal cancer and other illnesses.

It is a sad indictment of our society that while bankers are being paid millions (per year) to ruin our economy, many people who have worked hard all their lives for little reward have to rely on charities in their moments of need. With more negative changes being proposed for the future of the national Health Service under the current coalition government, it is likely that in the future, charities such as Marie Curie will become even more relied on for support.

Well done staff and members at Ellesmere Port Mecca Bingo! Don’t rest on your laurels though, keep the cash coming in for Marie Curie – we salute both staff and members for their efforts to support a cause that is near to the hearts of the many people who have lost a friend or relative due to cancer, and have been grateful for the care received.

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