Network Vs. Standalone For Online Bingo

When it comes to choosing which online bingo site best suits your needs there are many things to consider. Many players will consider the welcome bonuses offered first and foremost but another consideration should be what you expect from your gaming experience. Are you looking for big pot prizes, free games, a variation of the bingo game online, busy chat rooms or the best chance of winning?

The latter is where the network vs. standalone debate comes into play because often a network will have many more players than those found at a standalone site therefore meaning your chances of winning are greatly reduced simply because of the player numbers.

However, there is one network at least that has a limited number of sites on it and this is the new 15 Network. Currently there are just three brands on the network that is powered by the Bingo Vision software. The first to launch was Lights Camera Bingo, and then Showreel Bingo and more recently, Zingo Bingo joined the 15 Network.

Player numbers in the rooms at these brands are quite small meaning your chances of winning are improved. However, Foxy Bingo is a standalone brand yet their player numbers are huge so it is not always the case that if you are looking for a smaller, more intimate gaming community with increased chances of winning that you should go down the standalone route.

It costs nothing to register with any of the brands available on the Internet today, not does it cost anything to take a look around their promotional pages or to read reviews or news articles about a product to find out exactly what the general consensus about a brand is. Each player is an individual, each with different expectations from their bingo experience, it’s simply a case of finding what suits you and if it’s the bigger pot prizes then you definitely need to be looking to the better known brands like Foxy Bingo, Sky Bingo, Wink Bingo etc.

However, when it comes to the network vs. standalone debate and the increased chances of winning, we have disproved the myth that standalone is the way to go.

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