What’s In a Bingo Username?

Often when we spend time playing at any number of the online bingo sites available we come across some weird and wonderful usernames in the chat rooms and this got us thinking about how people choose the name they are referred to as in the chat rooms and correspondence from the brands.

For the most part, when I register with a site I will use their brand name and Betty as my username but simply because I register with so many. This formula means that I don’t have a hundred different usernames to recall. For example, at Zingo Bingo I am ZingoBetty.

We thought it would be interesting to ask some of the many players we meet in the chat rooms how they chose their bingo username and this is some of the comments we received, we even asked the hosts:

RumpyPumpy: I have 5 children so you can imagine the rest!
Luckywench: Just liked wench n sometimes I am lucky lol
CM-Missy: My name is Melissa,, takes me ages to think up an alias so my boss said “ok just be CM Missy”. Ended up hating it for 7 years, had chance to change it, so I did, but wasn’t used to it, so went back to Missy lol
suedee: I picked mine because I am Sue and my daughter’s Dee.

It was interesting to note that CM Missy had recently had a similar conversation with other hosts about bingo usernames and mentioned that for the most part, in her time as a host, she found that many players used their children’s names as part of their chat name.

We popped along to Foxy Bingo to see what their players had to say too:

emilysmum16: Well mine’s because I am Mum to Emily lol
bogs3010: It’s cruel really because at school I had “Bog Eyes” before I had operations to correct them – hence Bogs lol

Unfortunately that was about all we could get from the Foxy players, chat moves too quickly to actually hold a real conversation – that and the chat host posts macros that take up half the screen!

How do you pick your bingo username?

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