E-Cigarette Causes Bingo Hall Problems Again

A grandmother was recently asked to leave Castle Bingo in Canton, Cardiff for smoking an E-cigarette inside the premises. Joe Cummings is a bit disgruntled about it all, as she took up E-cigs due to poor health induced by smoking. Since quitting the real ‘fags’, her health has improved, although she is now unable to play and puff at her regular club.

There would appear to be a lack of communication between staff members concerning their policies. Mrs Cummings had rang up to ask if E-cigs could be used at the venue, and was told that it would not be a problem. However, when playing, a different member of staff initiated the actions that led to her removal, supported (apparently) by other members of staff.

The incident echoes a similar case in March 2009 at Canvey Island Rio Bingo, Furtherwick Road (see comments on page). Please read the comments on the page see exactly what management of the club had to say about the matter.

The issue is a difficult one, as both sides have a valid reason for grievance. The offending E-cigs are actually harmless, however, they do cause stress to staff, who have to check whether or not the smoke is real, and to other players it may also appear to be real. Club policy should be consistent, made clear, and visible to the punters, this way embarrassment and bad feeling should be avoided. And, for those who are severely addicted to nicotine, there is always the ‘fagoda’ outside, or nicotine patches/gum inside.

Do you smoke an E-cig at you local bingo club? Have you been asked to leave, or told to ‘put it out’? If so, we would like to hear from you. Please complete the comments box below and let us know of your experience of E-cigs, and bingo halls.

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