Foxy Snogged By Katie Price

I put my hands up, when flicking through the channels on TV whilst sitting eating my dinner, sometimes (only sometimes) I catch a bit of Katie and this is what happened one night this week. As I was watching it became apparent that this week was the week that Katie was recorded being crowned Foxy Bingo Mum of the Year 2012 and knowing one of the ladies who works at (the company that now owns Foxy Bingo) I sat and watched to see if I could catch a glimpse of the lovely lady. Low and behold, there was a fleeting glimpse of my friend.

However, whilst watching I noticed that the loveable mascot from Foxy Bingo got a rather long smooch from Katie Price even though she did at first refuse to plant a smacker on him “because of his fur”.

This isn’t the first time that Miss Price and the Foxy Bingo mascot have gotten up close and personal. In her other guise as Jordan Katie Price was once the face of this online bingo site.

It was whilst looking for images depicting the kiss that I also stumbled across pictures from the sponsorship deal when Foxy Bingo was owned by Cashcade and what a change in both the mascot and Katie there has been!

The Foxy Bingo mascot of old looks quite a bit less dashing and debonair as the more up to date, suave looking mascot whilst Katie looks far less, dare I say it? Slutty. Of course, collecting your Mum of the Year Awards is not really the occasion for dressing provocatively where as maybe in the PR shots when she was the face of Foxy Bingo, she was required to look at little suggestive in her poses.

Maybe Foxy Bingo should reconsider pairing the two up again in the next round of marketing for the brand – I can see the tag line now “Even the hot chicks dig a Foxy” ;) Can you think of any tag lines that would work if the pair were to appear together again for a marketing campaign?

Here’s the pair reunited recently:

Now and Then of Foxy and Katie
Reunited – Foxy and Katie Price


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