Wonder Bingo Goes Networked

Wonder Bingo first launched a Facebook free bingo app that proved very popular and then in March 2011 a standalone pay to play brand was launched that had some new and exciting features to offer the online bingo player. However the latest news from this brand is that is has dropped all of its unique features and, like many standalone brands that simply don’t get the interest from players that they were hoping for, has joined a network. Players at Wonder Bingo now join others from sites like Eyes Down Bingo and Astro to compete for pot prizes.

Wonder Bingo remains on the Parlay Entertainment software but now, rather than being a standalone brand, it is part of the Gaming Network.

Players who hold an account with Wonder Bingo can still access the site using their old details; it simply means that the room offerings, the unique aspects of the site and the social networking feature that the old site had to offer have gone.

In such a competitive online bingo market brands that choose to launch as standalone sites with no real player liquidity often find themselves resorting to this sort of change. The chances are that the operators of Wonder Bingo believed that there would be a more substantial crossover between the free Facebook app that had 400,000+ users to the pay to play site and there might have been had they chosen not to remove the Facebook offering entirely.

It is sad to see a brand that had such potential go the way of many others but we’ve no doubt it won’t be the last.

An email was sent to all players on 18th June 2012 trying to sell the changes as a good thing and included statements like:

  • Great Changes at Wonder Bingo – they really aren’t great!
  • The introduction of new bingo rooms – simply means that the wide variety of rooms previously available aren’t any longer.
  • Significant enhancements to ongoing bonus offers – gone is the standard 50% reload offer to be replaced by bonuses based on loyalty level (ranges from 50% to 100%)

What do you think of the changes at Wonder Bingo? Are they for the better? We certainly don’t think so.

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