Dragonfish Bingo Newsletters – How Patronising!

As a member of many Dragonfish networked bingo brands I often find my email inbox awash with their latest newsletter, the same thing over and over again repeated for each brand that I am a member of. More often than not I will just delete them but the subject title of the most recent made me want to read more just to see if the network really were being that patronising or simply sending me details of a cake promotion – something that certainly would have whet my appetite.

The subject line for all of the newsletters was “I have missed you, cupcake” and whilst I understand this might have appeared quite endearing for some readers, when I read the content, all I felt was patronised.

The email continues:

Nicola, My Darling,

I’m missing you like crazy!
I simply cannot stop thinking about the special times we had at [insert relevant site name here]. Each moment lasts an hour and each hour lasts a day, just because you went away.

Let’s reunite and re-kindle our relationship.

It then goes on to offer a 100% cash match bonus on my next deposit.

This is, to my mind, just another classic example of some brands/operators not really knowing their target audience. Did you receive the above email? If so did it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because Bingo Bud wants you back playing at the site? This wasn’t a feeling it stirred in me, my feelings was of irritation as I am sure you can tell from how this piece is worded.

As a woman and a bingo player I don’t want to receive emails of this nature – it reads like a love note a man might send a woman who he is desperate to get into bed, not something you would expect from an online bingo brand!

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