Scribbo – It’s Bingo With Words

A recent addition to our online bingo section provides reviews of Facebook apps, free games that you can play online but there are also other games I like to play on the social networking site including word games. I love Scrabble and Word Find so I was quite excited to hear about a game called Scribbo. This game combines both bingo and words for what looks like endless hours of fun – for me anyway, it’s simply a matter of finding someone to play with and where to buy it in the UK!

Scribbo came to my attention on my weekly trawl through You Tube for bingo related clips and I stumbled across a clip advertising the game, instantly I was interested. Further investigations revealed that Scribbo was unveiled as a new release by Winning Moves Games in February of this year.

Scribbo is a game for two to four players and each takes turns in calling letters and numbers. There are four game pads and each has two 75 ball bingo boards on them. Each square on the grid contains a number and like your standard bingo card, these vary from card to card. A player will call something like A21 and the others need to decide on which of their two grids they will place the letter. It’s all about careful planning and strategic placement in this game.

Despite an extensive search of the Internet I was unable to find the game for sale in the UK although I did manage to find it on eBay with a seller willing to ship to the UK and here is a clip from You Tube explaining how the game works:

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