102 Years Old And Still Playing Bingo

In the past there have been numerous studies that reveal playing bingo can keep the mind active and it would appear for one centenarian this certainly seems to be the case. The Chronicle Live posted a news article about 102 year old Isabella Bell who continues to play at her local club and what’s more, she plays for free and has been doing since she hit her century birthday.

The Beach Bingo Club in North Shields awarded Isabella the luxury of playing free games when she turned 100 on October 18, 2009 and this lucky lady continues to play at the hall three times a week.

Isabella didn’t start to play bingo until she turned 40 and don’t they say life begins then? Her first taste of the local bingo hall came at the Assembly Rooms in Saville Street, North Shields but she says “There were no table or chairs in those days, our tickets were on our knees”.

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are the days where Isabella takes a taxi to the Beach Bingo Club and whilst her eyesight is failing and she is now registered blind, the staff at the hall blow up the size of her bingo tickets so that she can continue to play her favourite game.

The biggest win that Isabella has had in her time playing at the Beach Bingo Club is £400 and that was back in 2003, the big jackpot win remains elusive but Isabella isn’t giving up hope and says “There is still time yet”.

Beach Bingo Club Details.

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