Bingo Bytes Testimonial Farce

There are so many online bingo brands available to choose from on the Internet but unfortunately not all are of a high standard. Bingo Bytes is one such brand and a look around their home page soon makes you realise why if you look closely enough. The home page of Bingo Bytes lists several testimonials from supposed players but it becomes apparent quite quickly that they aren’t players at Bingo Bytes but another brand on the Live Bingo Network, Landmark Bingo.

All of the “testimonials” on the home page make reference to Landmark Bingo rather than Bingo Bytes but worse than that is the grammar used!

This is just one example from a supposed player called “nevaawinnorm49”.

I think landmarkbingo is one of the best bingo online sites around. as i am a member of most of the online sites i enjoy landmark a lott. I wood recommend every1 to tell there friends about landmark…

All well and good “nevaawinnorm49” but you are supposed to be telling people about Bingo Bytes! On the other side of the coin, this just proves a point about how dire some brands can be because whilst I understand that they want to quote players correctly, surely it would make more sense to take the time to correct the poor spelling and throw in a few punctuation marks whilst you were there. Then again, they have no issue with promoting another brand on the network so freely, so why should Bingo Bytes care about such things.

In case you have missed it, here’s a screen grab of the offending testimonial at Bingo Bytes:


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