Introducing The 1st Playing Bingo Short Story Competition

Budding authors take note, Playing Bingo is launching a brand new competition that will be right up your street. We’ve got some great prizes up for grabs in our Short Story Competition, with a top prize of £300; and, unlike many other short story competitions it’s free to enter, as long as you’re over 18 and a UK resident. The theme is Bingo and can be interpreted in a number of ways.

You can find out all the info you need, the terms and conditions and how to enter over at the Short Story competition page. The more eagle eyed amongst you might also notice that page lives in the brand new Competitions And Prizes section of the site, and is the first of a number of planned competitions and promotions.

To be honest with you, I’ve been wanting to get something like this up and running for years here at Playing Bingo, but never quite gotten around to it. We’ve had the Your Stories section of the site up for a long time in the hope of getting some stories in to go with my couple in there, so now with this competition I should be able to expand it quite a bit.

The aim is also to expand the site’s cultural side, and is the first in a number of creative competitions I have planned. I’ll say no more at the moment as there’s lots of planning to do, and this short story competition to get through as well! We’ll also get some more traditional competitions on the go soon as well, for those of you not into the old creative writing. But if the author in you is piqued by this competition, then get writing!

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