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Have you a great story to tell about bingo? Have you ever used bingo as the backdrop to a work of fiction? In this section you can share those stories with our readers.

It could be you have a great story of how people at a bingo hall clubbed together to raise funds for a charity, or helped a player in need. Could be funny, sad, poetical, fictional, factual or whatever. Maybe you've written a short story about playing bingo?

Whatever it is, if you think our readers would enjoy it, then please share it with us all. We want your bingo stories here.

If you have something you'd like to send us which will fit in this section then Contact Us now! The newest stories are are listed first.

In The Your Stories Section

This is our bingo stories list: just click on the links below to be taken for a bit of bingo entertainment.

  • 14 Years Working In Bingo - Stephen Cross reminisces about his time working in bingo in Liverpool. Visit
  • Bingo In My Life - Background info on how bingo has been a constant entity in the site creator's life and how it inspired this site. Visit
  • Mr Price - A short story written by the site's creator about a persistent customer at a Welsh bingo hall. Visit

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