Stephen Cross: 14 Years Working In Bingo

Stephen Cross contacted Playing Bingo to share his opinions on why bingo is popular, following his 14 years of working in the bingo industry in a number of clubs in Liverpool.

Try Bingo, It’s Fun!

Hi, my name’s Stephen. I have worked in many bingo clubs over the years including Walker Leisure and other Liverpool clubs such as Top Rank and J’A Leisure. I have worked in bingo for 14 years now, working alongside North West Bingo Caller Of The Year 2007 Allen Musa in some clubs. The last club I worked at was Paradise Island in Walton, Liverpool under two great bosses – Fred Barlow who has been in the game for many years, and managing director Andrew Sail, who I admired as a boss. He was very friendly and always helped me out.

In my opinion, bingo is a way of having a great social night out and meeting loads of friends. You get great prizes and also excellent free gifts. Bingo is seen by some people as little old ladies on a day out with their friends, but over the years bingo has changed. Now it’s more of a family game with members bringing their husbands and their daughters and sons. Many are bringing their friends as well, which makes bingo a lot of fun for everyone attending.

As to why it’s such a popular choice, it’s a good start to a night out. By coming to bingo before heading into town, you can have a top night out. People even request 18th and 21st birthday parties in bingo clubs. That just goes to show how much bingo has changed over the years. If you have never tried bingo then give it a a go as you will love it and will go back again and again. That’s my opinion about bingo, so get to your local club, get your books, hit the bar, try out the great value food and away you go! Think lucky and be lucky at your local bingo hall. Don’t just take my word for it, go on, try it!

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