You’ll Never Get Rid Of The Dabbers

A story has grabbed me this month about a club that has decided to turn it’s back on the 21st century bingo…..and is giving the traditional game another chance.

For those of you that are not in the know the bingo world has changed in club in the last couple of years. Go to your local hall now and you will find electronic gaming sections where players can take portable consoles to there seats instead of the ‘old fashioned’ paper tickets and mark there numbers off with a stylus instead of a dabber. There are even terminals where you can swipe your membership card and play via a touch screen interface, which can even claim for you via a press of a button!

The technology in club is moving so fast in fact that even I don’t know the precise details of the latest developments in the playing of the game! Handheld consoles were only just introduced when I left the clubs to join the windswept and exciting world of TV, so this high-tech style of play is something that I am not overly familiar with. I have played in clubs though over the last few months and have become accustomed with the beeps and shouts from people who have won on the these new contraptions and have a certain affinity with what older generations of customers have to say about the new style of playing. Whether I agree with them however is another matter:

When handheld consoles were first introduced in our small club in Bognor Regis, the general consensus was that they would never work (including from myself). Why would you want to tap a screen instead of dabbing the numbers off yourself? Wouldn’t it take the fun away from the game? However after a few weeks of them being in the club we were finding that more and more people were opting into this new style of playing: our newer players were finding it easier to keep up with the bingo, especially as the computers kept them informed of when they were waiting for one number, and our regular players were beginning to see the positive sides of playing via this method (you can play more than 6 tickets on these consoles which means more chance of winning)

In today’s climate, the bingo world is looking for more and more ways to keep there heads above the water. This new technology not only opens the possibility to generate much needed revenue; but it also captures the minds of the younger breed of players and gets us ever closer to a possible union between the online market and the bricks and mortar halls: Just think about the possibility of playing one EPIC game between players in the hall’s, online and on the TV at the same time……now that’s a game that I would LOVE to call!!!!!!!

No matter what side of the bingo coin you look upon…….the advances in the bingo world are here to stay……but perhaps the paper bingo is here to stay also?………As long as there’s still a job for me in the long run then I am happy!

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