Gala Bingo Game Rigging Incident

I’d have got to this story earlier, but I was away most of the week taking a break from the internet and all. It’s a pretty staggering story really, and I’d love to know more about the actual mechanics of what went on how the people involved were able to affect the outcome of the bingo. According to the Sunderland Echo, the worker was sacked from the Sunderland Gala Bingo and another suspended for their part in the alleged £10,000 scam.

It seems the employee was able to control a number in the High 5 game, although how this was possible and how it was able to affect the out come of the game is not explored in detail. Given the random nature of bingo, the randomness of the RNG and the book sales, I’ve never thought bingo was fixable from the operator’s side, so this is a real first in the regulated modern era of the game.

The incident has been reported to both the local police and the Gambling Commission, so hopefully more detail will emerge in the future. The £10,000 prize money was not given after the disputed win, and was returned to the prize board. In the pre-computerized days I heard tales of players fixing games by completing numbers on their ticket and then obscuring the numbers they’d altered with heavy marking, but never the other way around. In the 4 years this site has been going I’ve not heard of anything like this, so I will be following it with keen interest.

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