All The 999s – Lifesaving Time!

Nice sweet story in the press this week regarding a woman who’s life was saved by an off-duty paramedic whilst down at the bingo. Luckily the paramedic was at the right place at the right time because he was only dropping off his wife at the club and not playing himself.

Heart attacks, unfortunately are rather more common occurrences in the bingo than anyone would like. I think in my career it has happened in club about half a dozen times: There was even a time in a club in Brighton where someone had actually passed away quietly during the session and was not discovered until someone realised that they hadn’t come up to get there main session tickets like they normally did!

The weird thing is though, in every situation that I have had with someone falling ill during the session; the bingo still has to be played!!!! I have had to call bingo when the paramedics have arrived and are tending to the stricken customer….which I thought was odd the first time…..until I thought about it and realised that it is better to keep on playing rather than stopping the session and drawing all of the attention onto a very personal situation.

Don’t worry though: in all bingo clubs that I know, a first-aider has to be on site at all times; which means that if the worst was to happen you are never far away from help and assistance.

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