It’s Like Four Seasons In One Day…As Crowded House Once Sang!

Crikey! Have you looked out of the window recently! Its like the north pole out there. What I can’t seem to fathom though is how come on Monday the transport system ground to a halt and increased my journey time from London to Bristol from just over 2and a half hours to just over 4 hours; and yet today when the weather is just as bad that they are running a fantastic service!? I suppose I’m just disgruntled as I could have done with a day off work to spend with the missus!

Anyway, the train journey has given me the opportunity to write this and I’m going to talk about the weather and bingo!

I’m going to start with a story about a tornado that ripped through the heart of Regis about ten years ago (yes seriously! Although when I say ‘ripped through’ it was really more like ‘sauntered through’) This was one of those rare occasions where the bingo club actually closed its doors because who in there right mind would risk torrential storms (and tornado’s!) to have a game of bingo? I think you can guess the answer to that……that’s right, bingo bonkers players. The club had to turn away about 50 people that night who had driven, or even worse, walked the distance to the club to get there number fix. From the married couple who always argued throughout the whole session, to the 85 year old who walked the 25 minutes from her rest home to the bingo because the buses had all been canceled (due to the tornado ‘ripping’ sorry ‘sauntering’ through the town) This is endearing, if not a little potty, and perfectly defines my impression of the bingo bonkers players that visit every club across the land.

The floods a couple of years ago meant that a club in Gloucester had to shut there doors. But that didn’t stop the players as they travelled around 40 miles just to play in my ‘drier’ club in Bristol!

Even the hot summers, where the clubs lacking air conditioning would reach desert-like temperatures, you would still get the regulars coming, fans in hand!

And now I’m sure that with snow affecting most of the land, players young and old alike will be trudging and slipping to there nearest bingo club to grab a win. Who knows they might even think that with the adverse weather conditions there would be more chance of winning, due to less people being able to make it! And hopefully they will be rewarded for there effort!!! Maybe with a nice hot mug of tea….that is, if the tea urn hasn’t broken down again!!!!

Anyway take care guys and see you soon.

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