The President’s Mum Is Shouting (The White) House

Remember the article I wrote last year about the president of the united states step-mother being a huge bingo fan………well she is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is promoting a special game of bingo for the Sue Ryder charity which is being held at which is being run around the same time as she jets off to the States to be there for her little boy’s presidential inauguration!!!!!!

Hopefully she can persuade the president to visit her in blighty soon so she can take him down her local club for a game!!!!!!!! Now that would put the UK bingo industry on the map!!!!!

Oh and P.S: Are you like me and watch all of those high-tech espionage films where they say that the US government have ‘trigger words’ that they look out for on the internet so that they can intercept any potential terrorist threats? I’m sure that ‘president of the United states’ is one of them?! If so, then……..HELLO THERE GOVERNMENT TYPE OFFICIAL PEOPLE. HOPE YOU LIKE THE BLOG…….IF YOU EVER ARE IN THE UK THEN VISIT A BINGO CLUB ONE DAY…….BUT BE WARNED: IT IS A LOT QUICKER THEN THE U.S VERSION……..DON’T WORRY THOUGH, THE LADY ON THE TABLE NEXT TO YOU WILL HELP YOU OUT. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!

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