Gala Launch Mrs Obama’s Online Bingo

I saw this story on the wires earlier, and I have to admit, it made me chuckle a bit. Fair play to Gala Bingo on this one, it’s a great little promotion to tie in with the inauguration of Barack Obama next week, and it’s also helping charity as well. Gala have enlisted the help of Kezia Obama, and launched a themed Bingo promotion in her name.

Now if you didn’t already know, Kezia is sort of Obama’s stepmother, as it was her first husband that was Barack Obama’s father. After he left Kezia, he went on to sire Barack with his new wife. Now, I didn’t think step parents worked retrospectively, but what the heck, it’s a great line so why let convention get in the way of it!

Mrs Obama’s Online Bingo runs between the 14th and 23rd of January (8 – 9pm), and for every pound spent in the room, Gala Bingo will be donating 10p to Sue Ryder Care. You have to tip your cap at Gala for their swift move on this one, it’s a great way of gaining exposure around what’s arguably going to be one of the most historic moments of recent decades. You can read more on the family story with this piece at The Telegraph. Alternatively, you can play Mrs Obama’s Online Bingo here.

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