“Anti-Gambling” Daily Mail Launches Own Bingo Site

You have to smile at the Daily Mail. I’ve moaned about their hypocrisy before on this site with their crusade against casinos and gambling. You just have to look at the way their recent negative campaigns and stories about gambling to see their hypocrisy, especially as they’ve just launched their own online bingo site (again).

Don’t believe me on their anti-gambling panic-inducing spin? Well, look at this story about the recent Gambling Commission report into the prevalence of problem gambling. Whilst many media outlets highlighted the fact that percentage of problem gamblers hadn’t grown since the last report, the mail instead choose to go with their usual doom and gloom.

With all the editorial concern about gambling, the anti-casino campaign, you’d think the Mail would look at its own ship first. But no, for decades they had Bingo and scratch cards given away with their paper, and their first online bingo site was shut down in a hail of complaints about dodgy practice. Not put off by any of their own editorial, they have now re-launched their online bingo offering thanks to a partnership with St Minver.

It will be interesting to see how much marketing they do for their own site in their papers. Obviously, the model they’d want to follow would be The Sun’s with its meteoric rise to the top of the online bingo world. However, with all this anti-gambling rhetoric and editorial, it will have to watch its step in order not to upset the very people its been pontificating too.

I don’t think the Daily Mail has really planned for success here, I can’t see them reaching the same sort of levels with St Minver, which as of yet still seems intent on keeping their offering fairly limited when compared to other Bingo sites. Well, good luck to them in their venture, but personally I can’t see me wanting to spend any money with a media brand with such hypocritical views on gambling.

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