Big Bingo Balls For Ladbrokes Bingo

Well, more advertising news from you from the online bingo world, this time looking at the filming of Ladbrokes Bingo’s next advertising campaign. The advert is being filmed on the streets of Liverpool, with 180 extras rolling giant Bingo balls down the road whilst there’s nods to the defunct Bingo language that online bingo likes so much. You know what I mean, there’ll be two fat ladies and a legs eleven and all that nonsense. In fact, if you substituted the giant Bingo balls for a fluffy fox type bloke, you could be forgiven for thinking it was the Foxy advert all over again.

But no, I can’t believe that for one second?! Would such a respected and acclaimed advertising agency such as M&C Saatchi be responsible for such an unimaginative and cliché ridden advertising campaign? Well, looks like it. I know it’s early days yet, but looking at the advert photographs and the write up, that’s exactly the sort of lame advert we can look forward to in September. I wonder if any blokes will be in there rolling the balls as well, especially given the ‘macho’ nature of Ladbrokes as a brand. I’ll be watching with interest…

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