Wink Bingo Press Advert Banned

Just a quick note on the latest Bingo themed Advertising Standards Agency ruling. Spotted earlier that one of Wink Bingo’s press adverts has been banned by the ASA. The advert featured a nurse in a maternity ward playing Bingo online rather than attending to her patient. The headline read ‘Find An Appropriate Moment.’ The complain raised was that the advert breached the advertising code in these areas: 1. portraying gambling as taking priority over professional commitments and 2. showing gambling in a working environment.

Spacebar, the people behind the advert responded that they were trying to differentiate Wink Bingo by making the brand “irreverent, cheeky, sassy and a bit naughty”. They also claimed that the advert was made in such a way that its surreal aspects would help viewers realise that the advert was cartoon like, and the appropriate moment headline would warn viewers against doing what the advert portrayed.

The ASA was having none of it though, and concluded that despite this surreal element, the ad’s headline could be seen to condone the sort of behaviour the advert portrayed. It ruled that “the ad breached CAP Code clauses 2.2 (Social responsibility), 57.4 (e) and 57.4 (t) (Gambling)”.

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