New Sun Bingo Has Launched – A Quick Review

Well, after all the speculation, the new Sun Bingo has launched. It’s early days, the site has only been online less than an hour, but I thought I would give a brief review of what new Sun Bingo players can expect. Forget about my concerns about it being like Jackpot Joy, they have managed to produce a very similar feeling site to the old one, and have also managed to keep the same value and ticket limits as well.

The chat is set up in the same fashion with a number of games split into separate rooms – however, so far it seems all the 90 ball rooms are around 1 room unlike the 5 at Tombola. So far it’s been pretty hectic in there, with a noticeable amount of confusion from some players who are looking for the old games and rooms which are now at the Tombola site. The CMs (or Hosts as they are now called) seemed to be letting a lot of the people moaning about things have their say, which is always a good thing. They do seem to be a bit inundated with the amount of chat, but I’m sure they’ll soon get used to it.

The side games that I feared would be taking over the site have not materialised. There are a number of other side games you can play at the site, but none of them cost anything more than 10p to play. That said, one of the hosts mentioned that more games were planned, so it might only be a matter of time before the likes of the multi-line slots and Deal or no Deal are added to the line-up. Time will tell on that.

So far things look good, but there are a number of problems that will need to be addressed. For instance, the tickets you buy aren’t right. I raised this problem with Jackpot Joy in the past. They don’t give you traditional strips with no repeating numbers. The same is true here – you can buy up to 4 strips of tickets, which I have done. That means that I should see the same number 4 times, and 4 times only. This isn’t happening though. I’ve seen numbers come up on 3 tickets and 5 tickets from the first call, so the tickets you buy are not continuous like traditional bingo tickets.

There are also other problems. In chat they’ve been having problems with the word filters. A number of players are complaining that certain words are being banned that shouldn’t be. Also, players seem a bit miffed with the chat games, as they have been told they won’t receive their chat game prizes for 24 hours. Lots of players were upset that their familiar CMs were not in evidence, one person asking if they’d been sacked! There are also lots of complaints about the huge font size that makes it difficult to follow the conversations, given how fast the chat scrolls off the screen.

There’s obviously been a lot of thought into how to make the new Sun Bingo like the old Sun Bingo. It’s still very early days, so teething problems should be expected. The ticket thing is particularly annoying and I hope they sort that out instantly. People have bought it up in chat and been told to ring the customer support line, which I don’t think is the right response. I never checked Jackpot Joy to see if they fixed the ticket sequence issue there, it may be this is a fault in the Gamesys Bingo engine that’s just ported over to the new site.

It will be interesting to see if following this split, Sun Bingo is able to hang on to its current leading position. It has a lot of work to do yet, I’ve seen a number of people in chat less than impressed and saying they would not stick around beyond their initial visit and free money. Currently Tombola has many more players at its site that Sun Bingo does, so this would suggest they have managed to do enough to keep their loyal players and get the message out about the split and the options for Sun Bingo players to stay with them. But, as I’ve already said, it’s early days yet. I’ll be following this one with great interest.

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