In Response To The Recent Mugging Article

Just reading up on recent events on this website and I couldn’t help but feel for the 86 year old pensioner who got mugged after winning £1,000 at the bingo in Manchester.

I am pleased to say that nothing like that has ever happened in the clubs that I have worked for, but we did have security measures in place, including free escort and taxi home for any big cash winners.

Especially working in Gala Bognor Butlins we used to operate a scheme where we would hold any customers big cash win for them to pick up as they left the complex on the last day of there holiday. That way if a player was to win £1,000 on the first day of there break, they would feel a lot more happy that there money was safe in our hands rather than being left in a chalet which has brittle locks and paper thin walls!!!!

I remember when my girlfriend won £1,000 on a link game a couple of years ago and I actually picked her up to make sure that she (and her winnings) were safe!!!

Basically I agree with this websites article……… if you win a big cash prize at the bingo, don’t be shy: the club have a social and public responsibility to make sure that you and your winnings are not parted……………….until you visit the travel agents that is!

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