A Couple Of Positive Bingo Stories

With so much doom and gloom in the retail industry, the last few months have had a few beacons of light in the shape of the ‘potential’ tax rebate for Mecca and the change in the amount of Class B3 machines allowed in clubs. Well, I’d like to continue that trend with a couple more positive stories that I’ve seen in the press the last couple of weeks.

First up is a story of artist Timothy Sutton who used the women stood outside the local Bingo club as the subject for a series of portrait paintings. The series is called Bingo Girls and was on display over the weekend. There’s a video of the paintings and the regulars from the club, the Streatham Riva Bingo. Note the blooper where the voice over calls it the Streatham Gala Bingo then two seconds later shows the big Riva Bingo poster (note sent to the BBC.)

And bucking all the trends of the last couple of years, this piece from the Yarmouth Mercury proudly proclaims that ‘Bingo Beats Smoke Laws’. The piece doesn’t seem to have any real kick to about why they’re bucking the trend, or even if they actually are, but seeing it made me smile. I think it’s a little more than a slow-season-puff-piece, but there we go, let’s hope we start seeing this headline all over.

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