Bingo Exemption For ASBO Man

I’m not quite sure where to file this one, it could go under ‘proof that young males like Bingo’ or ‘vague Bingo connected news story’ or even ‘loony laws’ but it was so surprising that I thought it was worth a mention. Not only me, but both the Telegraph and the BBC thought it worthy of note. Basically, a man given an ASBO for repeatedly being drunk and disorderly was able to gain an exemption from a ban on licensed premises to allow him to go to the local Gala Bingo. Cumbria police will be monitoring the ASBO man’s behaviour at the club, to make sure he stays away from the bar. Well, just goes to show how much the fellow loves his Bingo, let’s hope he doesn’t mess up this exceedingly compassionate exemption by dabbling with a tipple along with his game.

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Playing Bingo

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