Deluxe Bingo Gets Slap On Wrist For Misleading Advertising

Ever since the new Gambling Commission regulations on advertising came into force, I’ve been following the rulings at the Advertising Standard Agency. I follow them as much because I enjoy seeing the sorts of things advertisers get told off with as anything to do with Bingo. Today though a new batch of rulings came down the rss feeds, and I was surprised to see Deluxe Clubs as one of the people who’d been complained about.

Basically, they put out a local advert about their Hastings club stating the National Game had been won there recently by one of its members, however, the £339,549 win had in fact happened in a different club. A local amusements company complained that this was misleading, and the ASA agreed with them. They found that the club was not being truthful in their advertising and recommended them not to use the same approach again. You can read the full ruling and details of the complaint here.

Interestingly, there were a couple of other gambling related rulings to do with online casinos and spread betting. Both were found going against the ASA guidelines. In the case of Intercasio it was by making gambling potentially appealing to children and young persons. As for Paddy Power, it was thought its ads could be seen to be linking gambling to seduction. So far the raft of online bingo adverts on TV have survived closer scrutiny, it’s following the ASA’s rulings though to see where the lines get drawn.

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