Bingo Caller Of The Year 2008 Is Go And Gala Have One As Well, Apparently…

Just a quick note to say that the National Bingo Game have added to their site the entry forms and details for entry into this year’s competition. If you’re a regular Bingo Caller at a club that’s a member of the NBGA, and fancy your chances in the competition, you should be able to pick up an application form from your club. If you haven’t had one at the club, then download one from the NBGA site and you never know, you could find yourself in London at the end of November, a few numbers away from being crowned the Caller Of They Year.

I didn’t realise it either, but Gala’s own in house competition is well under way with the regional heats now all but finished. The final for the competition will be held in Birmingham at the end of June. To be honest Gala should make a lot more of their competition given the amount of publicity last year’s national competition got. The first I heard about this year’s Gala competition was when our resident former Bingo Caller Of The Year mentioned it on his blog.

But that’s not surprising really, last year, I only learned the competition had happened when I spotted a news story about the winner. That’s in marked contrast with the NBGA Bingo Caller Of The Year competition, I get lots of enquires about that competition myself from media people, a number of which have been interested in making TV about the competition. Gala are really missing out on this publicity and interest by not making more of their own calling competition.

That’s one thing, but Gala are actually missing out again when it comes to the NBGA Bingo Caller Of The Year. Why? Well, there are markedly less Gala Bingo callers in the competition every year. Mecca Bingo actively try to encourage their callers to enter, but from here it seems like there is a lot less impetus from Gala to encourage their callers to fly the Gala Bingo flag in the competition.

Brett did a piece on this himself that covers the differences between the Gala and National Bingo calling competitions. Let’s hope this year Gala get behind their callers and get them to enter both competitions. It’s some great free publicity for them if one of their callers win it.

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