Pier Bingo Hall Evacuated After Lightening Strikes

It’s been a dramatic couple of weeks for the Deluxe Bingo Club on Hastings Pier. The club was closed last year as the pier it stood on was in need of repair that had been neglected by the pier’s owner. The owners of the club, Stylus Sport paid to have the pier repaired themselves and as a result, the club was allowed to re-open. It did so a fortnight ago on the 5th of July.

On the back of the re-opening, Playing Bingo was contacted by a D. Bowdler who had this to say about it.

I’m so pleased that finally after a year of waiting the Deluxe Club Bingo Hall has re-opened on the Pier in Hastings. I have been having to travel to Eastbourne which is a good 30 minutes away from my home, just to play. Now I’m back with my usual crowd and I’m glad to say a lot of the original staff. Wonderful!

Momentous enough, but Sunday, the club became the scene for a dramatic evacuation amidst some of the marvellous summer ‘weather’ we’ve been having. Whilst 200 players were enjoying the evening session, the skies darkened and a storm whipped up. During the link game, the club was hit by lightening and subjected to flooding. Despite the damage, no one was harmed and the players were later able to finish the session. Phew!

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