Smoking Ban Breaker Starts Own Campaign

A Bingo player in Wigan was given a warning by the manager of her Bingo club after sneaking off to the loos for a sly fag. As a result of her annoyance of both her treatment and the wider ban, Margaret Paddick has started her own petition signed by a 100 players at the Gala Bingo in Wigan. She intends to send the petition to Westminster to recommends other players take a stand.

Whilst we have some pity for the plight of the players been sent out into the cold for their smokes, it has to be pointed out that we all have to do things we don’t agree to in order to abide by the law. I hope this sort of rebellious activity doesn’t spread as it could harm the games future growth and appeal to a wider audience. With all the talk of infringement of personal freedom’s being bandied about from smokers and pressure groups, there’s up until now been little talk from that camp of the public freedoms of non-smokers, both staff and players who’ve had their personal freedom’s ignored for years.

One thought on “Smoking Ban Breaker Starts Own Campaign

  1. Well done!!..I`m glad to see there are people with some guts in England…I`m sorry to say this dos`t apply to my Wales,nor indeed scotland nor Ireland…I`m so glad someone has the guts….God Bless you all

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