Even More Scottish Halls Could Close

Following the story of the Scottish smoking ban, a report today says as many as half of Scotland’s Bingo Halls could close. It highlights a point I’d missed in past posts about why they’re not taking the gaming outside. They can’t, it’s banned. Bingo halls are worse affected than bars and pubs, which have coped […]

Scottish Bingo Halls Close Following Smoking Ban

Now, we’ve been following the effects of the smoking ban in Scotland, with some clubs supposedly benefitting, whilst others have suffered many losses. News has emerged now that a number of clubs have been forced to close, as punters arrive later, go outside in the intervals and leave earlier. So far five clubs have shut. […]

Mayfair And Mecca Tussle Over Licenses

News that Mecca Bingo aren’t happy about competition from a rival chain in a neighbouring area (and who could blame them?). The Morden Mecca has filed a complaint against Mayfair’s plans to open a Bingo hall in Sutton. Mayfair Chief executive Simon Hannah believes it is just delaying tactics from Mecca, but the complaint has […]

Scottish Smoking Ban Halts Carlton’s Expansion Plans

Interesting to see a news report about prominent Scottish chain Carlton holding off expansion plans until losses caused by the smoking ban are clear. It seems in contrast to Gala’s news in April that fears of losses were offset by increased admissions to their clubs. Whilst annual profits are up for Carlton – they fear […]

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