Foxy Bingo To Migrate To Cozy Games!

An interesting email landed in our inbox this morning and upon reading it, we were left scratching our heads, perplexed by the choices made by the owners of Foxy Bingo. The email was notification that as of 20th November 2018 888 will no longer operate the brand but instead, Electraworks Ltd will be responsible.

A little background for those who are not completely au fait with the Foxy Bingo history; the brand was created by Cashcade, Cashcade was sold to PartyGaming that then became bwin.Party before being sold to GVC. GVC recently acquired Cozy Games and it’s run by Electraworks Ltd, Electraworks is part of the GVC Group.

The Beginning Of The End For Foxy Bingo?

For a number of years, since Cashcade sold the brand, it’s lost all that was great about it in our opinion. Once upon a time they had a great team promoting the brand and there was a lot of player focus from Foxy Bingo. This all died a death when it went to PartyGaming.

Where once Foxy Bingo was a big fish in a small Cashcade pond, it become a tiny minnow in the massive lake that was PartyGaming.

Just a few months ago, the decision was made to reveal that Heather Graham (who?!) was the person in the fox suit. This did nothing for the branding of Foxy in our opinion.

And now, not long after Think Bingo made the move to Cozy Games, Foxy Bingo are following suit but we think it will be the beginning of the end.

What To Expect From The New Foxy Bingo

If it’s anything like the migrated version of Think Bingo then don’t expect too much of the new look Foxy Bingo.

We weren’t impressed with the changes at Think Bingo and we doubt we’re going to be amazed by the Foxy Bingo offering either.

However, we will reserve full judgement until the new site opens on 20th November 2018. Watch this space!

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