New Question For Online Bingo Registration Form

We recently had call to register a new account at one of the most established brands online today, Bingo Ballroom and whilst doing so, noticed that as part of the registration process there was a new question to be answered. As usual we were required to enter our name, address and date of birth but today we were asked our occupation too!

At Bingo Ballroom, and other sites on the Dragonfish network, the new question is part of the second stage of the registration process. This is where you enter your postal address and your bankroll currency. Underneath the latter you will find the new drop down menu for Occupation.

Nosey Online Bingo Sites?

Some might feel that this new question is a bit intrusive, nosey some might say, but it’s all relevant and part of the social responsibility that gambling sites have to be on the ball with.

888 are particularly hot on this nowadays following their fine for social responsibility failings back in August 2017 [read more here]

Gambling firms have a level of responsibility in ensuring that their players gamble responsibly and we’re presuming that the new information will be able to give the sites further insight as to the player’s financial situation.

The list isn’t comprehensive though but there are plenty of different job titles that you can choose from including Adult Film Actor or Actress, Cardio Surgeon, Zookeeper and Embalmer!

It could be that the sites just want to launch more targeted marketing though!

More Changes For Online Bingo Sites Expected

With new rules around advertising and marketing expected on 31st October 2018, it may be that we see even more changes implemented over the next few months.

So far the alterations have been heavily in favour of the player so we’re excited to see what’s coming next.

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