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Foxy Being Pushed
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It was a little while ago now that Heather Graham did a ‘Stig’ with the Foxy Bingo commercials and was revealed as the person in the suit of our favourite loveable woodland creature. When the advert was released back in March, we suggested that GVC Holdings (the company who now own Foxy Bingo) were trying to move away from a certain type of clientele and trying to attract a classier demographic [read more here]. What we didn’t think they would do is lose the brand / player connection so quickly!

In the latest advert from the brand, there is no visual of Foxy AT ALL. We hear his voice, but there’s no sign of our friendly Northern, purple suited fox anywhere. Again we suggest that GVC are committing brand suicide.

Have You Seen The New Foxy Adverts?

If you haven’t seen the new advert then you can check it out further in the article, but if you’re an old school, stalwart fan of the mascot for the brand, you’re going to be as disappointed as we were.

The 30 second commercial we see two girls approach Heather Graham in a coffee shop and ask her ‘Please could you do that really famous scene, please’. Heather looks a bit reticent to oblige at first, but asks if they mean the scene where you can’t see her tears for the rain, are they tears or is it rain?

The two girls look at her a little oddly and then say ‘No, the free five quid one’. She’s not overly impressed but moves a little like Foxy as his voice comes out of her mouth. And that’s the most you get from ‘him’ in the whole commercial.

For us, the fox is dead. He appears to have been outed completely. Will we ever see him back?

Foxy Advert Number Two Featuring Heather Graham

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