Heather Graham To Front New Foxy Bingo Marketing

When you think of the brand Foxy Bingo you think of a cheeky fox in a purple suit who has a northern accent and likes to hang out with celebs from TOWIE right? At least that is what we have always associated the brand with, that and Jeremy Kyle. Well the news today is that this is all set to change!

Hot on the heels of the termination of affiliate contracts, Foxy Bingo have announced that they are also kicking Jeremy Kyle to the kerb as part of a new £10 million marketing campaign. But what can you expect from this new way of promoting the popular brand? The answer is simple – Heather Graham, an AMERICAN actress.

Are we the only ones really confused with why the powers that be have opted to completely change the branding? Could it be that they are hoping for a far classier clientele than those that watch the popular daytime TV chat show?

Player Connection At Risk With Foxy Bingo

The new commercials are not set to hit the television screens until March 9th but what we have heard on the rumour mill is that there is to be a Stig style reveal with Heather Graham stepping out of the purple Paul Smith suit.

What we can’t understand is why this choice of actress? Yes, she has had roles in some popular movies like The Hangover, but where is the player connection with a predominantly English audience? Worse still, an audience who have grown to love the mascot for this brand and his cheeky chap northern persona.

All Change At Foxy Bingo

Following the cessation of all affiliate activity in January 2017 it would appear, at first glance, that GVC Holdings want to complete revamp the site and its players but are they making a massive mistake or is this a stroke of genius? Only time will tell but our money is on the former!

Heather Graham - Foxy Bingo

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