Bumble Bingo Birthday Gift

Many online bingo sites today offer their loyal players a little something extra each year when their birthday comes around. This varies from site to site but for the most part it will be something like a few loyalty points or a bonus code. This was the case for me this month when my birthday rolled around, but I also got a little surprise in the post from Bumble Bingo.

Now Bumble Bingo had already made quite an impression on me when a welcome gift arrived in the post by way of a candle making kit soon after I registered and deposited with the site [read more about my welcome gift from Bumble Bingo here].  Whilst I’ve received welcome gifts before, nothing quite as impressive has landed on my doorstep.

Bumble Bingo Sweetens Me Up

Imagine my surprise then that despite not having had time to play for a while at Bumble Bingo, they dropped a little birthday gift in the post to me.

I received a SLAB, yes, it literally is a slab, of chocolate from the site in the shape of a 75 ball bingo board. The chocolate slab is 1cm thick, 13cm long and 10cm wide and it tastes DELICIOUS!

This is my birthday gift from them.

Bumble Bingo Birthday

Impressive PR From Bumble Bingo

So what has this site achieved by giving me a little something for my special day? First off they managed to put themselves above all over brands in the birthday bonus stakes.

Additionally they have once again created a great player connection by making me feel special.

Of all the sites that I am a member of, this was the only one that sent something physical in the post and didn’t actively try and encourage me to deposit by offering a bonus code. The gift felt like a gift and not some marketing ploy.

Once again, hats off to Bumble Bingo.

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