Changes Coming To Zinger Bingo

Zinger Bingo first launched onto your screens in early 2016, the sister site of Hunky Bingo. Both brands are owned by Tau Gaming, the company behind the first ever UK site to launch with no wagering requirements, Blighty Bingo. Just a few days ago we received an email from this company informing us that on 13th June, Zinger Bingo as we know it is going to close. Don’t panic though, on the same day it will re-open but on a different network.

We were unaware that actually there are no two networks from Dragonfish, the email from Zinger Bingo was quite informative! The two networks, according to the email are the traditional, and best known, Dragonfish Globalcom Network and then more recently, the Dragonfish Real Money Bingo Network. Currently this brand is on the former.

On 13th June though, Zinger Bingo will be moving to the same network as Blighty Bingo.

How The Move Affects Zinger Bingo Players?

If you have an account with the brand at the time of the change, this is going to be closed. You should have received notification by email of the impending change and advice on what will happen with any monies in your current account. Please check your spam box if you have yet to see anything.

From 13th June onwards, if you wish to continue play at the site, you will be required to complete a new registration process and create a new account with the new site. Like most registrations on the Dragonfish networks, this is something that takes just a few minutes.

The Reason For The Change

The powers that be at the company that own the brand attribute the move to the success of Blighty Bingo and we have to be honest, whilst we may not be regulars at Blighty, we love the no wagering requirements bonuses that they have to offer.

We’re not quite sure as yet as to what the welcome offer at the new site will be, but check back after the move for an update.

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