Double Bubble Introduced To The National Bingo Game

If you’re a retail bingo player, a regular at your local club, then you will already likely be aware that a new promotion has been introduced called Double Bubble. This new game is an added bonus to the National Bingo Game and one that’s already impressing the crowds in venues up and down the country that link up to the national game.

If you’re a player who prefers online bingo, but has been to known to visit a local club – you might want to revisit your nearest bingo venue and check out the increased jackpots. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what the semantics of Double Bubble are….

Bank Holiday Launch For Double Bubble

The Double Bubble promotion was launched on Bank Holiday Monday, 29th May, and will continue until further notice but what is it?

The clue is in the name and it may be that you’ve already guessed at the rules. The prize for the winner who calls the National Bingo Game on a double number, i.e. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 and 88, will be doubled!

The Double Bubble bonus will be available on all National Bingo Games, so games in both the afternoon and evening sessions. There may be a few exceptions, but only where a special game or other prizes are being offered.

Super Sized Saturday With The National Bingo Game

That’s not all though, the National Bingo Game is to host three super sized games in the summer. There will be one in June, another in July and the final one will play in August.

The specific dates for the games are:

  • Saturday 17th June
  • Saturday 15th July
  • Saturday 19th August

There will be two each day and for the afternoon session the National Prize will be £25,000 but for the evening session, the prize money doubles to an impressive £50,000!

As well as this, the one line and two line prizes on each game will offer an enhanced prize. What that is, we do not know, but check your local venue for further details nearer the time.

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