Beacon Bingo Giving Away New Jaguar

Fancy a new Jaguar XE, fancy a game of bingo at Europe’s biggest bingo hall? You may not be a regular, but, we’re guessing that the chance to win a brand new car worth £27,000 may tempt a few new players through the doors of Beacon Bingo’s club in Cricklewood.

Don’t fancy a new motor? No worries, Beacon are giving away a cash alternative of £20,000. The promotion that started in December will conclude on February the 26th when the raffle is drawn and a lucky player will the proud owner of a classic motor.

Beacon Bingo in Cricklewood is not only the biggest club in the UK, it also holds the record for the largest jackpot win at a club (excluding the National). The club also had a massive half million refurbishment in 2014, which was a very brave move for a bingo club, as the industry is still was not (and is still not) out of the woods.

However, to offer a raffle prize like this the club must be doing well! Mind you they don’t rest on their laurels and are continually doing their best to up their game. They have recently released their own app for iPhones. The apps lets users know about latest events and offers, and has app user specific rewards which can redeemed at the club. Obviously there are numerous bingo apps out there, but this is just for Cricklewood regulars.

Their record £100K payout in 2014 hasn’t been topped to our knowledge, so there is no real need for them to improve on that record. So why not offer a free jaguar to entice new players, and keep up the interest of old players.

It’s still a tough time for the bingo industry, as it is for many businesses. The only upside is that in times of economic uncertainty (and they don’t get more uncertain than now!) it is gaming that whilst not recession proof, doesn’t seem as vulnerable as many other industries.

People will always want to get out for a night of fun, and maybe a big win, and in this case, maybe a sparkling new jaguar to park on their driveway. Good luck to all raffle ticket holders for the February draw. More info.

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