CMA Probe Gambling Companies

When it comes to being able to withdraw your winnings if you get lucky at an online bingo site (or any other gambling site), we’ve all come to expect that we have to meet certain wagering requirements. However, it would appear that not all sites are making this as easy as it may be should be.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have launched an inquiry as to whether customers of gambling sites are being treated as fairly as they should be. The industry as a whole has agreed to cooperate fully with the CMA’s investigation.

Who Might Be Under The Spotlight From The CMA?

As regular readers will know, there are a number of bingo sites (namely the Cozy Games brands) whose withdrawal rules we have long found to be an issue. This could be something that they are forced to change is the CMA find that it’s a ‘con’.

It was reported by the BBC that the CMA said that a number of people have found it hard to win the money they are expecting and the CMA’s senior director for consumer enforcement, Nisha Arora, said, “Gambling inevitably involves taking a risk but it should not be a con”.

She continued by saying

There have been a worrying number of complaints that suggest people are enticed into signing up for promotions that they have little chance of winning because of unfair or overly complex conditions.

The chief executive of the Gambling Commission, who will be working alongside the CMA for the investigation, backed this up. Sarah Harrison said

There is always going to be an element of risk involved in Gambling but the consumer must have faith they if they win, they do not feel that they have ended up with the deck stacked against them because of the Terms and Conditions that they did not understand fully.

Fines And Prosecution By The CMA

Any site investigated and found to have this sort of issue with their promotional offers could end up prosecuted in the courts.
We’ve heard of many issues over the years, and also helped resolve many of them, where some companies have tried to withhold payment to winners on a technicality.

The full article from the BBC can be read here.

We think that the CMA investigation will find that the majority of online bingo sites have acceptable T&C’s for their promotional offers. However, we have no doubt that some brands will be making changes for the better over the coming months!

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