Mecca Bingo’s Lucky Black Cats

I always thought that black cats were an unlucky portent of doom, specifically because of their preferred location at the heels of witch, or riding on the back of a broomstick with their mistress flying across a full moon filled night.

Looks like I’m completely wrong though, as historically they are seen as good omens. But this may also be a regional thing, maybe Scottish black cats are luckier than Welsh black cats (I’m sure one crossing your path used to be bad luck!). However, Mecca Bingo in The Forge, Glasgow are taking this literally by adding two black cats to their team in the hope that it will bring the club and it’s players luck.

This rather innovative response to bingo comes in part from survey which found that Scots believed the black cat to be the luckiest charm there is. How and who was surveyed is not known to us, but as it is ‘research’ we’ll have to take their word for it. The cats are apparently going to be part of the meet and greet team (“Miaow miaow, puurrrr” – roughly translated as “Good evening madam, good luck on the National tonight”).

Personally, I think the idea is a great one, although not for the reasons stated by Mecca Bingo. Cats can be adorable and I’m sure there will be a careful interview process for the selection of the two lucky felines. I love cats, but have met the occasional rotter who won’t think twice at drawing blood just for a bit of fun. I’m sure the players will love the idea (except those allergic to cats…), and word will spread.

The chosen cats themselves will probably find the experience an enjoyable one, they will be getting a lot of attention, and will be getting to choose from a lot of legs to rub up against. And I’m sure the odd player will be sneakily smothering their handbag in catnip so as to attract a lucky feline.

However, if anyone thinks that having a black cat in a bingo hall is going to bring in the National they must be barking mad! But, if it’s just a bit of fun with the idea of making their club a more welcoming one then they are probably on to something. If I am completely wrong and a string of National wins come into club please let us know by leaving a comment below and an apologetic article of epic proportion will follow.

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