Who Dreamed This Up For Dream Bingo?

Our readers will know that we regularly scour the press for details of big jackpot winners, both online and offline, so were excited to stumble across a reported £4.1 million win at Dream Bingo! Despite not being a brand we actively promote, news of such an epic win created a buzz at Playing Bingo HQ.

That was until we read on further and a number of anomalies stood out. Whilst one of these may not have caught the eye of most people, as a team that are well versed in many things gambling related, it stood out like the proverbial sore thumb. The image used to promote the big win is a Health Lottery cheque that has been photoshopped!

Dream Bingo Crossing The Line

We’re all for great news stories to promote a brand but this really takes the biscuit and is wrong on so many levels. Although it’s not clear who is responsible for the article on the Closer-Weekly website, whoever dreamed it up it clearly doesn’t grasp the concept of false advertising!

The article talks about how a lucky winner from Durham supposedly won £4.1 million at Dream Bingo just days after divorcing her husband.

As you can see from the image below, the text suggests she won £4.1 million yet the cheque itself, from what we see of it, says £4.58 million!

Dream Bingo - Closer Weekly

In addition to the error in the figure used in the piece, when you look at the image you can see that the cheque has clearly been doctored to look like a Dream Bingo cheque.

For a start, under the Dream Bingo signature is states ‘on behalf of 51 Local Society Lotteries’, the wording on a normal Health Lottery check as seen below. Additionally, you can still make out the faded Health Lottery logo behind the Dream Bingo branding!

Health Lottery Cheque


It would appear that the actual winner shown landed their jackpot on the Euromillions as you can see from this article.

Wrong On So Many Levels

It’s highly unlikely that this article was actually sanctioned by Dream Bingo. However, with that said, such an article will have created new players for the company.

These new players will have been attracted to the brand under a false claim of a big winner.

It will be interesting to see how Dream Bingo, or even the Health Lottery, respond to the offending article!

Further Update

Since our article was posted live and appeared on social media sites, the Closer Weekly article has been removed. Clearly someone has been taken to task for the piece and rightly so but you still have to ask the question, is it too little, too late?

Had we not come across the offending article, would Dream Bingo have ever been aware of it?

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