£1.3 Million Jackpot For Sky Bingo Player

As a bingo player, how many times have you logged into your favourite site when you’re suffering from a touch of insomnia? For one lucky player, an early hours of morning spin on one of the many slots at Sky Bingo proved to be quite lucrative. This lucky lady landed herself a progressive jackpot of just over £1.3 million!

Chrissie Johnson awoke from her slumber just after midnight not feeling very well. Unable to fall back to sleep and not wishing to disturb her sleeping husband, she tiptoed down to the lounge, fired up her laptop and logged into Sky Bingo.

Chests Of Plenty Lives Up To Its Name At Sky Bingo

Little did she know that she was unlikely to sleep a wink at all for the rest of the night. Not because she felt unwell, the fluttering in her stomach was to be excitement rather than anything unsavoury!

Within an hour of logging into her Sky Bingo account this lucky lady had netted herself a win of £1,346,155.43 that turned her into an overnight millionaire.

Her game of choice was Chests Of Plenty and if you’ve not played the game, the progressive on it is won by triggering the bonus round and revealing nine matching gems – all of which have to be diamonds.

This is what Chrissie did and in this case, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!

Sky Bingo Winner Quote

This lucky player spoke to The Mirror and is quoted as having said

At first I thought I’d won about £300,000 and that was exciting enough but the numbers kept rising and the screen flashing before the amount dropped into the pay box on the screen.

It was only when I spoke to the team at Sky that I knew for certain how much I had actually won!

A big congratulations from us!

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