Winner Bingo Sexually Seductive…NOT!

Every Wednesday without fail we check the Advertising Standards Authority web page to see if any online bingo sites have fallen foul of the Codes that regulate advertising across all media in the UK. It’s not a regular occurrence that we see a bingo brand listed but when we do we are often seen slapping our foreheads and wondering “What?!”. Winner Bingo and their Mr Winner and Vicky the Owl are the subject of the complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

It wasn’t just one complainant in this case those but TWO and they both suggested that the Winner Bingo advert linked gambling to seduction and sexual success. Have they seriously banged their heads? We’d have said that there is nothing remotely seductive about the bloke in his purple suit who looks a bit like Jesus and clearly from the ruling, nor do the ASA!

The ‘Offending’ Winner Bingo Advert

Below you can view the commercial that clearly two viewers found seductive and sexual (or were they not actually viewers but competitors? A bit of industry espionage?). As you can see when you view the clip Mr .Winner is shocked to find that there are so many winners are Winner Bingo yet he still has his clothes on. Vicky The Owl, clearly unimpressed, makes a correct presumption that he is going to remove his clothes when there is a winner, and he does.

The ASA Winner Bingo Ruling

The ASA had to investigate the complaints under BCAP Code 17.3.7 (Rules For All Advertisements) that says they must not link gambling to seduction, sexual success or enhanced attractiveness.

Common sense prevailed in this case with the ASA seeing the advert for what it is ‘surreal and comedic’ – although personally we thing adding the label ‘comedic’ to this commercial is a little misleading! It’s more weird than funny!

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